Pre-purchase inspection

Why a pre-purchase inspection?

In accordance with the Product Liability Act sellers are obliged to report any hidden defects. Buyers, conversely, are obliged to have their boat examined or inspected. Pre-inspections minimise the risk of unforeseen problems or legal disputes arising between the buyer and the seller following the definite purchase of a ship, house-boat or yacht.

What does the inspection imply?

Pre-purchase inspections consist of an extensive condition survey in which all ship components are assessed on defects, condition, safety, overdue and future maintenance. The norms and standards governing condition surveys are laid down in the Hiswa purchasing and selling guidelines, Surveyors & Loss Adjustment department. Inspections additionally include a sea trial, assessing the engine and on-board instruments. If engine defects are suspected, an oil analysis can be carried out or an engine compression test can be advised. A condition survey takes approximately three to four hours, i.e. half a day, to complete.


All pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections are concluded with a personal discussion immediately after the inspection and a standard report. The report will be sent by e-mail.

The extensive report of the inspection of your boat contains:

  • The general particulars of the boat
  • A description of the general impression of the boat
  • Construction aspects
  • Possible technical defects of the boat
  • Conclusion on the essential defects
  • Photos
  • Advice on the ship and its installations
  • A final conclusion

Would you like a pre-purchase inspection?

For an independent, extensive pre-purchase inspection of a boat you intend on buying, call Rob D. Dros at +31 6 22 48 04 32.

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