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Why should my boat be inspected?

An inspection in advance can prevent problems beforehand or a legal dispute afterwards. You can be assured that an expert with a professional view has looked at your boat.

Safety inspection

Safety inspections are made for a check on one's own safety and on request of insurance companies. In some harbour associations the liquefied installation of members' ships have to meet the guidelines "Gasveilig" (Gas safe) from ANWB/Hiswa and ISO standards.

During a safety inspection the following subjects are surveyed: the layout of the liquefied installation, the electrical installation, fuel tanks and pipes, fire extinguishing equipment, safety hatches, view of the steering person, bilge system, anchor gear, VHF, emergency signals and personal life saving equipment such as rescue ring, life raft and life vests. Starting point is the CE standards.

Delivery inspection

Delivery inspections are done to avoid surprises after the transfer of a boat from a shipyard or dealer to the buyer. That would be in the interest of both the future owner and the shipyard or dealer. The insurer of the boat will also appreciate a delivery inspection.

Dros Nautic can depend on several years of experience with delivery inspections of among others new Bavarias.


All pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections are concluded with a personal discussion and a standard report in accordance with Hiswa Qualified Yacht Surveyor Spec. In the report the inspected items are rated on a 5 point scale.

Contents of the report

The extensive report of the inspection of your boat contains:

The report will be sent by e-mail.

Make an appointment for an inspection

For an independent inspection of your boat call Rob D. Dros at +31 6 22 48 04 32.