Other inspections

Why should my boat be inspected?

An inspection in advance can prevent problems beforehand or a legal dispute afterwards. You can be assured that an expert with a professional view has looked at your boat.

Delivery inspection

Delivery inspections are done to avoid surprises after the transfer of a boat from a shipyard or dealer to the buyer. That would be in the interest of both the future owner and the shipyard or dealer. The insurer of the boat will also appreciate a delivery inspection.

Dros Nautic can depend on several years of experience with delivery inspections of among others new Bavarias.


All pre-purchase and pre-sale inspections are concluded with a personal discussion and a standard report. In the report the inspected items are rated on a 5 point scale.

Contents of the report

The extensive report of the inspection of your boat contains:

  • The general particulars of the boat
  • A description of the general impression of the boat
  • Construction aspects
  • Possible technical defects of the boat
  • Conclusion on the essential defects
  • Photos
  • Advice on the ship and its installations
  • A final conclusion

The report will be sent by e-mail.

Make an appointment for an inspection

For an independent inspection of your boat call Rob D. Dros at +31 6 22 48 04 32.

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